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Accepted Papers

We are pleased to provide the technical theme, title and corresponding author information for all approved papers that have been accepted by the TAC 2020-One Toronto Technical Committee. The detailed technical program will be posted at http://www.tac2020.ca/program.php as it becomes available in in early- to mid-September.

TAC 2020-One Toronto Technical Themes
Case Histories and Challenging Projects
A Case Study of Testing, Design, and Validation in Swelling Rock for the Coxwell Bypass Tunnel Project
Sarah Pidgen
Golder Associates Ltd.
Alternative solution for double pass lining MTS 1 IDRIS project in Doha
Ashbridges Bay Integrated Pumping Station - CC2 PAC (Pneumatically Applied Concrete) Lining for Challenging Tunnel Transitions
Heather Stewart
Construction of the Newell Creek Dam Inlet/Outlet Replacement Project
Shawna Von Stockhausen
Mott MacDonald
Coxwell Bypass Tunnel – Project Update Mid-Construction
Mark Bruder
R.V. Anderson Associates Limited
Design and Construction of Large Diameter Storm Water Retention Shafts for the Coxwell Bypass Tunnel
Matthew McGrath
R.V. Anderson Associates Limited
Limitations in near real-time data collection for data acquisition systems in the context of the RER– Highway 401 Rail Tunnel project
Vincent Le Borgne
GKM Consultants
Observational Design and Practical Lessons at the Ottawa CSST Project
Jeffrey Oke
RockEng Inc.
Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel: An Overview of Shaft and Tunnel Seismic Design in Liquefiable Deposits
Fred Marquis
McMillen Jacobs
Future Projects
The Canadian Tunnelling Market Over the Next Decade
Connor Langford
Mott MacDonald
WSG Test Paper June 15
Wayne Gibson
Gibson Group Management Inc.
Research and Innovation
An Improved Understanding of the Characterization and Strength Properties of Soil in the Toronto Area
Geoffrey Creer
Artificial Neural Network use for Pile Settling Prediction in Tunnel Works
Clara Magalhaes Toffoli
Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete - Applications and Testing Overview
William Philip Geers
Bekaert Underground Solutions
How innovation in wireless remote condition monitoring can mitigate risk in tunnel construction and operation
Simon Lawrence Brightwell
Senceive Ltd
Model tests for evaluating the impacts of expansive soils on the long-term stability of tunnels
Saqib Ashraf
Yokohama National University
Tunnel Permanent Liner Design - Optimization through Automation
Heather Stewart
Development of A Low Heat of Hydration Wet-Mix Shotcrete for Construction of Mass Shotcrete Underground Station Walls
Lihe Zhang
Safety and Risk Management
The Use of Pre-Cast Concrete Shaft Linings to Reduce Risk and Cost in the Urban Environment
Joe Anderson
From RFP to TBM; An Innovative Approach to Risk Management on the Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall Project
Graham William Swarbrick
Hatch Ltd.
Should geotechnical baseline reports be the universal and exclusive contractual basis for subsurface conditions risk allocation?
David J Hatem
Donovan Hatem LLP
Tunnel Dust Control Project
Joseph Finn
What about the cost of tunnels? A review of some recent Canadian tunneling case histories
Tamara Kondrachova
University of Toronto
SEM and Caverns
Design and Construction Challenges of SEM Construction in Urban Area: Chinatown Station, San Francisco, CA
Nasri A Munfah
Design and construction of an underground rolling stock garage cavern on line 2 of Lima’s Subway (Peru)
Jorge Picon Couselo
TBM Tunnelling
Coxwell Bypass Tunnel TBM Design Features
Chris McDonald
Lovsuns Tunneling Canada Ltd
East to West Diversion Sanitary Trunk Sewer
Cyrus Kia
Inspection Criteria for Successful Refurbishment of TBM Main Drives
Glenn Mongillo
DynaMEK Group Ltd.
Kemano T2 Project Upstream Tunnel
Riley McMillan
Large-diameter mechanized tunnel excavation boosts the efficiency of underground infrastructure
Karin Baeppler
Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems
Lessons Learned from Tunnelling in Congested Urban Environments
Keivan Pak Iman
New World Record for EPB TBM Tunnel excavation. Quito Metro Line 1 Project
Pressurized TBM Tunnelling_Guidance on the Determination of Confining Pressures
Michael Mains
Slurry Treatment Plants in mechanized tunnelling operations – Safety, performance and cost factor for jobsites
Gino Vogt
Transit Tunnels: Design & Construction
Advances in Shotcrete Technology for Ground Support in Tunnels and Mines in North America
Lihe Zhang
Fine line Between Safety and Compliance
Nima Eslaminasab
WSP Canada
Challenges of Metro Projects: Selected Aspects
Laurence Delplace
Amberg Engineering
Design and Construction Considerations of the Bishop Mechanical Ventilation Adit for the Green Line of the Montreal Metro
Jean Habimana
Ground freezing and excavation of the Museum Island metro station under a river in central Berlin – challenges and experiences
Jens Classen
Implenia Construction Tunnelling Dept.
Hermetic sealing of the reinforced concrete lining of a tunnel in harsh environments of Eastern Siberia, Russia
Evgeny Zakharin
Long, Curved Microtunnelling Drives for a New Sewage Forcemain in an Environmentally Sensitive and Highly Urbanized Area
Bradley M Marin
GHD Ltd.
Qualification of a Low Heat of Hydration Wet-Mix Shotcrete Mix and Shotcrete Crew for Construction of Mass Shotcrete Underground
Lihe Zhang
Trenchless and Rehabilitation
Microtunnelling in Glacial Soils Case Study, Metro Vancouver’s Douglas Trunk Sewer Project, Burnaby BC
Anthony Fuller
Successful delivery of underground gas pipeline in microtunnels
Trenchless Installation of Twin Pipe Crossing in Bouldery Glacial Till, Under Highway 12, Midland Ontario
Geoffrey R White
Peto MacCallum Ltd.
Victoria, B.C. Cross Harbour HDD Force Main and Microtunneled Outfall Design and Construction
Robin Dill